Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter break!

Hi bloggers! Happy new year!! This post is going to be about my winter break! During winter break me and my family left for Atlanta, GA on Wednesday, 2 days after Christmas. we arrived in Atlanta a little late, so we went to The Varsity for a late lunch. We met my Nana and Papa there. Then, we drove to South Carolina to see my other other grandparents. There was a lot of traffic, so it took us a while to get there. When we FINALLY got there, we ate dinner and went to bed later. The next day, we drove to our grandparent's house to visit them for a day.

When it was 6:30 ish, we went back to our grandparent's house that we had arrived in the day before. Me and my family stayed there for 2 more days. Then on Saturday, we left and drove back to Atlanta to see Nana and Papa and our 3 cousins. We stayed at Nana and papa's house for a week and some days.  My dad went back to Colorado on Monday.  On Wednesday, we went to the American girl doll store. It was REALLY fun! Here is a picture of a store´s doll hair salon: 

I brought my doll Samantha, and got my doll´s hair done. My cousin Riley also has Samantha, and my cousin Reagan has Julie like my sister. We also had French macarons and this place called The Macaron Queen. Here is the link: The macaron queen store 
TWe had lunch at the AG store´s bistro place. I ordered mini hot dog with mac n´ cheese, same as Reagan and my sister, Annabelle. Riley ordered mac n´ cheese. You guys should go to Atlanta sometime!! It is a really cool place!!
Thanks for reading and happy new year!! 
-Elizabeth :) 

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Hi bloggers! this week we are supposed to write a blog post about a event happening in school. I am going to be posting about Angle Tangle. Angle Tangle is this game that involves a protractor. In this game, You will need at least 1 person to do it with you. First, one person draws a random angle. The others guess. To win you need to have the least amount of points. Here is a picture of 1 I did:
I know it's a little fuzzy but it has some angles on it.

here's a protractor. 

Thanks for reading! 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Thanksgiving break

Hi! During Thanksgiving break I went skiing. We went on thanksgiving day to Loveland, Loveland  is a ski area where they have normal stuff like a chairlift, magic carpet, lessons, ski hill, lodge, etc. we went and I learned how to turn. It was really fun.When it was done, I went up chairlift a lot of times with my dad and we went down the mountain. Here is a link to the site: Loveland ski area website  Have any of you guys ever skied or snowboarded? It is pretty fun!

The lesson instructor guy was named Chris, and he taught me and other people how to turn. So first went on the magic carpet. The magic carpet is basically a moving carpet that takes you up the small hill. so after we got up, we turned our way down. Then we stopped for hot cocoa. We went on the Magic Carpet like 5000 more times, and went down again. We ate lunch, (which, BTW, was pizza, chips and oreos.)  At the end we went on the chairlift.

My favorite part was when we went on the lift. It was awesome!!!!! I also liked turning. If you have not skied or snowboard before, you should. It is SO fun!! And when you go, go to Loveland. It is great resort.

Thanks for reading!


Monday, November 6, 2017

word cloud

this is my word cloud! i am in the christmas feeling!! merry christmas early!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A dash of Dragon

this is my thinglink book project. I  did this last year too, so you should use the label book project.
Here it is!

Monday, October 2, 2017


Soooo today I'm talking about what I do after school.

 Every Wednesday afternoon, I go to ABC Kids Climbing.
It is indoor rock climbing. It is really fun because you challenge yourself to be a better climber.
I like it because I get to climb!!
I learn how to belay, what smearing, flagging and bumping is.
 My friends Sadie and Austen are in my climbing class and Paige and Poppy climb at BRC (boulder rock climbing club).
Climbing is really fun! You should try it! Here is the ABC Kids Climbing link: Abc Kids Climbing 

Here is a picture of someone climbing in a competition: