Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Student Blogging Challenge 2018 Week 1- AVATARS!

Hi!                                                                                                         My avatar->

So for the challenge, my post will be about my avatar. My avatar was made at this site: My avatar site.  This avatar represents some of my interests with the treble clef earrings because I play the Viola and Piano. The cat ears represent my love of cats (they are way better than dogs!!) here is a picture of my cat Tumbles:

                                 She is now about 11 months old.

The arch in the background represents my like of travel. I really want to go see Paris one day!! And finally, the flip flops I put on her are to represent that I love the beach! It is so fun going there! I can´t wait to go to Florida at the end of May!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 23, 2018

word art

This a word art for spelling. I chose the snowflake because I was thinkig of snow!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Word cloud/ spelling

Hi! Here is a word cloud for spelling. It is an emoji of a mad face because I was mad the time I made it. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Field trip to Denver Museum of Nature and Science!!

Last Friday, my class went on a  field trip to Denver Museum of Nature and Science! DMNS is a very fun museum which has several exhibits. Here is the story of when my class went to DMNS.
We had circle at about 8:35. We talked about what we were going to do at then museum. Two of the chaperones had come, and we were waiting for my mom. At about 8:55 we got on the bus. It was not to long of a bus ride, and I sat with my friend Paige. ( here is the link to her blog: Paige's blog We talked and then we played some games. Finally, we were there! We first did a forensic lab investigating a pretend kidnapping mystery.  They made the mystery seem real, but you could tell they set it up. The mystery was to find clues related to toxic plants and animals. It was very fun!!
Then, we got into groups withe chaperones. We had 3 chaperones and our para. We chose two called Animal Astronauts and The Vanishing Beast. After what felt like 10 hours, we were done. Then, we ate lunch with the rest of the class. After lunch, we headed to the Health exhibit. The health one is the best exhibit. My favorite part was when I went into the lab with 2 of my friends. We did a test on daphnia. Daphnia are little water fleas. We tested them with drugs. We didn't use bad drugs, though. Only alcohol and caffeine. We tested the daphnia's heartbeats. I sat with Paige on the way back again.  I think going to DMNS was very fun!
Here is their web site: Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Thanks for reading!! Bye!

- Elizabeth

Thursday, February 8, 2018

My WeVideo!!

Hi guys!
Today I will be telling you about my WeVideo!
This is the process of feeding her, playing with her and her sleeping.
I did a WeVideo about my cat Tumbles.
Tumbles is a kitten who is about 9 months old. She is super cute and I wanted to share what she does at home!!
Here is the video:

This post and video is for Out of Eden. To go to the Out of Eden website, click here.
Thanks for reading!! I hope you like the video!
- Elizabeth

Monday, February 5, 2018

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter break!

Hi bloggers! Happy new year!! This post is going to be about my winter break! During winter break me and my family left for Atlanta, GA on Wednesday, 2 days after Christmas. we arrived in Atlanta a little late, so we went to The Varsity for a late lunch. We met my Nana and Papa there. Then, we drove to South Carolina to see my other other grandparents. There was a lot of traffic, so it took us a while to get there. When we FINALLY got there, we ate dinner and went to bed later. The next day, we drove to our grandparent's house to visit them for a day.

When it was 6:30 ish, we went back to our grandparent's house that we had arrived in the day before. Me and my family stayed there for 2 more days. Then on Saturday, we left and drove back to Atlanta to see Nana and Papa and our 3 cousins. We stayed at Nana and papa's house for a week and some days.  My dad went back to Colorado on Monday.  On Wednesday, we went to the American girl doll store. It was REALLY fun! Here is a picture of a store´s doll hair salon: 

I brought my doll Samantha, and got my doll´s hair done. My cousin Riley also has Samantha, and my cousin Reagan has Julie like my sister. We also had French macarons and this place called The Macaron Queen. Here is the link: The macaron queen store 
TWe had lunch at the AG store´s bistro place. I ordered mini hot dog with mac n´ cheese, same as Reagan and my sister, Annabelle. Riley ordered mac n´ cheese. You guys should go to Atlanta sometime!! It is a really cool place!!
Thanks for reading and happy new year!! 
-Elizabeth :)